Saturday, February 7, 2009

lving the life..

guess what??
i just came back from perak..
and now i'm in shah alam just having holidays for stuffs..
last week i've watched underworld 3..
it's fun..
it was sad to see when sonja died in front of lucian;..
its a perfect love story but she died at the end..
thefunny thing that i want to ask is, why didn't lucian changed to a lycan when she's dying and save her before she die?
isn't it pitiful to just watch ur loved ones died in front of you and you can't do anything?
if i was lucian, i will transform myself and save her while i can..
and why didn't lucian just kill sonja's dad before so that they can run away together?
isnt in underworld 1 lucian survived for a long time?
atleast lucian n sonja could have more happy love story..[-__-'']
its a great story...

i also listen to some new music..
i would like to share it with you..
its a great song..
some of it makes me wanna dance..
some of it make me dream..

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