Saturday, February 28, 2009

feeling confused..

most of ma frens, ma old frens know how grumpy n how 'baran' I am.
i had this fren when i was in school..
ma bestie..
now she is ssooooooo much more than ma bestie.. she's like ma sister..
well, i rmmbered dis day, when she told lies to me n talk bout it behind ma back..
siha was there..
she was saying sorry to me.. then wat did i say?
it came out involuntarily..
then it hppned as always when i got angry..
i cried n i was all shaking..
i cried at the stairs n was shaking so badly that i had to hold onto the wall..
siha was there..
afta dat.. i rmmbered he saying sorry to me..
i forgave her cause all it takes is just the sorry words..
she, siha n nina is ma bestie forever..
i like ma frens here too..
but there's alot of misunderstandings n things culd get worsened..
i'm scared to face them.. n confront them..
so wat i did is just isolate maself from themm...
so i'm saying sorry for being baran n angry n rude..
those words or bulletins that i sent out was when i was mad..
yea.. dats me,..
hope u can accept who i am..
cz i already accepted ur weakness..
dats all..

1 comment:

haznina said...

u too..
u will always be my beshtie!!=)
sayang u lebey!!
b strong!!