Wednesday, January 19, 2011


my heart is in pain enough.. not even a painkiller can cure it.. arghhh... just kill me..

Monday, October 4, 2010

Still feels betrayed..

he asked for forgiveness.. I did forgive him.. But i guess I just need more time to actually forget about it.. I don't know whether to trust or not.. Something like this is something that I've been running from since I know what love is.. I guess I can't.. I just wanna scream, yell, cry and do some silly things, but I just can't.. It's too painful.. Sigh..

Sunday, October 3, 2010

hearts? Love? What is it?

Is love some thing that you can play around?
Did u ever think how my heart hurts badly?
Did you know I trusted you?
Why can't you just be honest as I am to you?
Something like this, isn't something that I will ever forget..
Thank you for leaving this huge holes in my heart..

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I feel like the whole world fell apart.. Not completely but it's hard staying here.. Bestfriends? Friends? Really? I never met anyone yet who i can be myself without being judge.. I think A might understand me.. Here in this place, i can never be myself.. Evrything I did, or say, people would compare me with them.. Don't i deserve to be tired? Or busy? Must you compare me with you? Atleast you always have people around you.. I'm always alone.. I go everywhere alone but I never complained.. Come on.. Give me a break..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Failing...and standing up..

I have never felt this bad.. I never failed this bad... it sucks..I thought this time it will be different.. somehow I felt stabbed, kicked, spitted at, and everything.. arghh! Better luck next time! I'm sorry mama n papa for letting you down since, school.. sigh..

Standing up....<3
Last week, I had the most fun ever! though I felt down, he came to make me stand up again.. It's fun spending time with him.. gahh.. he helped mama gardening.. btw, his bod look hot! hahaha.. *blushing* oh oh oh! and and and, I spent time with mama, ayie and along and kak dila.. ehehehhehe.. we went out and it was awesome.. we bought new lens for me.. i look like a freak, but he likes me wearing those contacts.. lol.. My mom bought new make ups in m.a.c.. we met an employee that my mom once gave advice to.. A day before that we did gardening.. It was mom gets closer with mr. designed our garden.. How awesome huh.. and it's pretty! lol.. in the middle of gardening, we went to Ani sup utara.. we wore gardening clothes je.. hahah!He got my back though i got bad result.. my mom didn't know.. lol.. he got great result! i'm happy for him,..oh! oh! his mom cooked the best nasik ayam hainan ever! like so much better than anyone else's chicken rice.. waahh...

new lens..
along cute kn?<3
ma little bro! my bestfriend!<3
3 dara pingitan!
yup.. he's mine...

ayie kat dpan tgk je kitorg mcm kiorg gila.. haaha
muka plg sengal!

I have the greatest people in my life and they remains as my precious forever.. lol <3

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

sigh.. lol

i don't know what's happening.. life has been sooo twisted.. God.. i just felt like riding the roller coaster.. everything is sooo twisted.. my feelings.. my mind.. everything.. God.. i wish things was easier.. but isn't a drama right? thanx mama n papa.. u guys r my greatest shoulder ever.. i love u guys soooo much.. my mom is right.. when no one is there for u, ur family turns to u.. i mean, they always turn to u.. duhh.. whatever, i have the best family in the world man! so not jealous of other family okayh... friends come and go... blood is thicker than water.. yeahh baby!

Monday, January 4, 2010

new year.. new me..

cheers to 2009!
as the year was awesome!
full of memories i won't regret~
i still have,
all my family,besties n friends,
that could last till the end...
though there's ups n downs, i walk through everything..
with head held as high as i could..
i will never ever foget any of my memories as it is my precious thing.. my life..
20, a year to add.
a boy i could love forever( i hope)
a family who always stood by my side..
2 great brothers...
besties i will never be able to let go..
is all i can say..
a year could make a different..
i hope its a good one..
now in perak, another resolution to be done..
study hard till i achieve what i want..
happy 2010 people..