Thursday, December 24, 2009


I wished they know,
how much i would be there for them..
How iportant they are to me..
i wish they would know,
how much they mean to me as i always try to be there for them.
best friends?
i don't make them easily...
Some people say that i am they're good friends in just a month..
but for me, it takes more than that to be called my bestfriends..
bestfriends go through alot to be called a bestfriend..
bestfriends cry together, laugh together, n never stop being there for each other no matter what or no matter how far they are..
heck.. this so called 'bestfriends' expect us to be there for them but did they ever be there for u?
heck no...
actually.. they called u bestfriends just cause u'll feel good n i'll be there for them,,
but nope..
i stick to my 4 besties...

Siha: we'be known each other during form 3... sorry, but at first i never thought who she really is.. but until form 5, i know her and she's not the girl that i thought she was.. She is more than that.. She's strong, she've been through alot.. alot i tell you.. she's not the ordinary girl.. from then on, i know and i hope she will be my bestfriend forever cuz she knows me best...

Nina: i known her but somehow i don't remember her back then from darjah 4 ke 5.. huhu.. when i was inform 4 kot kitorg mula rapat, skali dgn siha.. nina is sooo caring.. she have a way to make me smile.. evrytime i tell her sth, she always have that look dat says i'm here for u..
hehe... she's also the manja one, sumtimes best manja2 dgn nina.. hehehehehehe... nina also knows me best.. =D

Xubz: i know her since form 3, tp xbrape rapat.. then in form 4.. i don't knoe how kitorg mula rapat.. hehe. i found out she can draw incredibly great.. OMG! i'm so jealous of her.. she have a natural hand on drawing.. God! I still keep some of the drawings she made.. haha.. well.. she's like a big sister to me.. she never fail to text me no matter what.. hehe.. but i didn't see her for like a year i think... huwaa..

p/s: 3 of them knows my biggest secret. n they never ever judge me which makes them the bestest! n i love them more than anyone!!!!!

Hikmi: he's a great guy.. i know him from metro driving.. i thought that he's just going to be u know, same driving test but then i found out that he worked in kfc.. that time i was working in mph.. but then i don't know how we end up being so close.. i used to have feelings for him.. haha.. weird..but we r good friends now.. he's always there.. he knows i have something bad or good going on just by a text.. how cool is that???eventhough i don't make it like i have problems.. no one ever know what is behind on how i text people..but he knows.. i miss him though.. we didn't meet since last we worked.. we always said that we have to meet.. but then we never have the chance.. =D

Moreover! theyre all the best friends i had in life! n no one! i repeat! no one! can replace them at all! we've been through thick n thins together! n only us can break us apart.. hehehe..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

just another burden!

aku nk nanges..
i wanna scream my lungs out!
where did i do wrong?
what was my mistake???
Dear God!
Please Give me another chance, to fix what's in past!
I need someone to hear me scream!
Give me another chance!
Dear God!
Help me do better next time..
I did my best!
I failed to get what i achieved!
Though i did what i have to...