Sunday, February 22, 2009

hidopku sekrg.

i didnt write for lotsa days..
cz i've been bz..
around dis time laa assgnment nk dtg bertimbun..
n dis time around la mcm2 probs nk dtg..
fam, frens..

u noe wat..
thres dis day.. thursday..
mcm2 lar dtg..
dat day ma fam ada prob..
dat day jgak i fought wif ma fren yg i anggap kwn rapat i..
n da next day..
well, suma mcm pulau aku.
n da next day too ma fam's prob got worst..
guess wat..
i cried all alone..
noone stood by me..
listen to me..
i was all damn fucking alone.
jz i guezz no one ever like being fren with me for starters..
jz probably they cnt stand ma attitude..
well i guezz dis is it..
i'm fine if everyone nk pulaukan aku..
i'm fine u pndg slack dkt aku though i tried apologizing for sth dat i was a minor guilty in dat prob..
fuck larrr..
i mean,
i've tried ok..
was it all ma fault..
nape larr aku kne dugaan mcm ni?
tlg la slmtkan parent aku pnye marriage..
tlg lar slamatkan frenship aku dgn kwn2 aku...
dis is to much for me to handle it now..
so for now aku mengasingkan diri dr suma org..
y am i fully blamed when someone else too made their mistake.
i did ma job..
on time..
i did it all alone..
xde sape pon tlg though i was told at last minute..
here's anotha thing..
now i noe sape frens or foe..
i rmmbered i cried alone in da toilet..
guess wat...
nobody cares..
y did i care 4 othas when they never cared bout me?
gle shit..
mmg skang aku mg byk mencarut..
aku ttkan..
gile shit larr..
fuck gile..
gile vavi......
i've asked Allah S.W.T to hel me..
we'll c how tomorro goes..
i wish dat i juz culd quit n juz go home..
where i blong..
i dun blong here..
i'm goin to set in ma mind now dat u cnt expect ppl to respect u if u respect them.
ntah larrr..
sape yg blh tlg...
i'm in need of help..

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