Tuesday, February 9, 2010

sigh.. lol

i don't know what's happening.. life has been sooo twisted.. God.. i just felt like riding the roller coaster.. everything is sooo twisted.. my feelings.. my mind.. everything.. God.. i wish things was easier.. but heck..life isn't a drama right? thanx mama n papa.. u guys r my greatest shoulder ever.. i love u guys soooo much.. my mom is right.. when no one is there for u, ur family turns to u.. i mean, they always turn to u.. duhh.. whatever, i have the best family in the world man! so not jealous of other family okayh... friends come and go... blood is thicker than water.. yeahh baby!


haznina said...

so true...family first...
but what happened to u dear??
did sth bad occur??

maiya said...

i dunnooooo..
mcm putar belit gak idop..
u kno.. friends n evrything,, assignments... stuffss