Monday, January 4, 2010

new year.. new me..

cheers to 2009!
as the year was awesome!
full of memories i won't regret~
i still have,
all my family,besties n friends,
that could last till the end...
though there's ups n downs, i walk through everything..
with head held as high as i could..
i will never ever foget any of my memories as it is my precious thing.. my life..
20, a year to add.
a boy i could love forever( i hope)
a family who always stood by my side..
2 great brothers...
besties i will never be able to let go..
is all i can say..
a year could make a different..
i hope its a good one..
now in perak, another resolution to be done..
study hard till i achieve what i want..
happy 2010 people..

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